grand opening party




He may look like the peaceful little prince that he thinks he is, but Phife Dawg the Cat is being a brat.

My paper whites finally bloomed (after over 2 months), my apartment is freshly cleaned, the sun is shining.  We had a wonderful weekend- Aaron and I had our engagement party on Saturday- it was a huge success.  We had dear friends from NYC spend the night, and Phife was very well behaved.

This morning was the kicker (I actually wanted to kick him…I didn’t) – he peed on my rug.  again.  Cat urine is THE WORST SMELL.

The rug is a goner.  I’ve had it cleaned before, I’m over it.  But here’s the question– how do people live with cat(s) and not have anything smell like cats?!  How do you keep your nice furniture from being scratched up (only the nice pieces- he has good taste when it comes to marking his territory)?



Wish me luck.