wedding ideas

I am starting to put the visions in my head on paper (and in photoshop).  I have more time to dream and plan, but this is the current feeling.

Luxe, cozy, elegance.

Fur, velvet, metallics, neutrals, something unexpected…



birthday gift



He may look like the peaceful little prince that he thinks he is, but Phife Dawg the Cat is being a brat.

My paper whites finally bloomed (after over 2 months), my apartment is freshly cleaned, the sun is shining.  We had a wonderful weekend- Aaron and I had our engagement party on Saturday- it was a huge success.  We had dear friends from NYC spend the night, and Phife was very well behaved.

This morning was the kicker (I actually wanted to kick him…I didn’t) – he peed on my rug.  again.  Cat urine is THE WORST SMELL.

The rug is a goner.  I’ve had it cleaned before, I’m over it.  But here’s the question– how do people live with cat(s) and not have anything smell like cats?!  How do you keep your nice furniture from being scratched up (only the nice pieces- he has good taste when it comes to marking his territory)?



Wish me luck.


Has everyone else noticed the recent hit of the HYGGE phenomenon?

It’s every where I look and I’m taking the hint.


relax.  knit.  light candles.  enjoy meals with friends.  slow down and get cozy.

That’s what I’m doing at least.  Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), is the Danish term for creating a cozy, convivial atmosphere for the sake of well being.  I’ve seen Hygge around here and there for a little while, but this past week- it has been IN MY FACE.

exhibit A:

I was flipping through the new Elle magazine and was drawn to this article.  (I didn’t read it immediately, but I ripped it out, left on the coffee table, and read later.)

And there’s this article from Elle UK (more of a how-to)


We’ve carried British knitwear line Wool and the Gang in the store, and I like their “knit kits” for my personal use, so I subscribe to their emails.  I’m a sporadic/ obsessive knitter (take months off, then knit intensely until my fingers start to cramp… New Years Resolution:  make it more of a calm constant).  Last week, I got an email about Hygge– “You make me wanna hygge” and “Bring the hygge in” – showing off their soft knit pants and blanket kits.

I think the “soul power pants” kit was sold out when I clicked on it, further proving the hygge craze.



Saturday, after my friends, fiancé, and I went to the Women’s March in Philadelphia, we wanted to get lunch somewhere.  We ended up at Hygge.


Ok, that makes 3.

I think I already practice the art of Hygge.  I read the article while surrounded by sheepskin rugs, twinkling lights, candles, and a wool plaid blanket over my legs.  I was working on a knitting project when I checked my email about the WATG hygge pants.  I went to the restaurant with a group of friends on an empowering day when we all wanted to keep the positive, loving momentum going.

Even though I love to create cozy, happy environments for myself all the time (year round- at work and at home), it never hurts to have a reminder to keep it up.  It’s been a dreary week.  The holidays are over and winter is upon us.  Resolutions may have faded away by now.  Make your space- physical and emotional space- a comfortable one.  Make it look nice, feel good, calm you.  Enjoy time with loved ones and make some good meals.

Get out too.  Yoga is a great friend to hygge!  More on that later.




writing this while drinking coffee and listening to the Solange album.

images from Este Mar , Blood & Champagne ,  Wool and the Gang, and style-camp.com !   (that chair throw is on sale)


the catherine:

super high rise, wide leg, just the right wash.

imogene and willie

they’re really long… we love them rolled up or with one big cuff.

catherine wide leg jean

wear with a tucked in shirt, or cropped sweater.

by imogene and willie, $295.

(sizes 28, 29, 30 left — call or email or order!)


the old soul:

slightly cropped, let out hem, center front seam down each leg.

current elliott

we like to mix the boyish and the ladylike- pair with a pretty blouse or feminine sweater that ties at the neck, or shrunken cardigan buttoned all the way up.

by current elliott, $258.

(sizes 26, 28, 30 left — call or email to order!)